Digital paint

While your team is working on other stuff, send your digital paint to your 2D partner company, RotoFactory.  We are the team down the hall that you can throw all of that time consuming paint work to. 

Get top quality roto that your compositors won't have to tweak.  Why waste time working with bad roto?  Give RotoFactory a call and get high quality mattes delivered right the first time.  Your compositors will thank you!

virtual reality

When it comes to  virtual reality stitching and all of the digital paint cleanup that often comes with a 16+ camera, 360° stereo process, our team has it down.  We have recently worked with several VR companies and foresee VR being a new and growing opportunity  in the world of visual effects.


“As always, that’s a Take One Final!!! Thanks!!”  -Client: Columbia Pictures

“You guys are fair and reasonable (and talented ) – which is why we like to work with you!” -Client: Walt Disney Studios

Quality and Reliability is always #1 at Rotofactory 
At RotoFactory we understand that your reputation hinges on producing the best quality product you can produce.  We'd love to help you achieve that!  Every good composite starts with an excellent matte.  We take pride in our ability to quickly deliver quality roto, paint and virtual reality shots, and have been doing so for over 13 years.  Your schedule and peace of mind are important to us, which is one the of reasons why we're located in the United States.  We are open when you are and have the ability to tap the vast Northern California talent pool.  Give us a shot, you have better things to do than worry about your roto and digital paint!